Grief Support
When someone you love dies...
You grieve…

– The loss of your loved one
– The changes in your life

You hurt…

– Physically
– Emotionally
– Spiritually

You experience…

– Pain, emptiness, restlessness
– Anger, guilt, remorse
– Hopelessness and loneliness

You need…

– Time to heal
– Time to think and remember
– Someone to talk to

Coping with Loss
  • Crying is an acceptable and healthy expression of grief and a release of built-up tension.  Cry freely as you feel the need.
  • Try to maintain a balanced diet, get rest and moderate exercise.  Avoid the use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Give yourself extra lifts:  hot baths, afternoon naps, a trip, time with special people, a walk in the woods, a favourite food.
  • Talk about your loss.  This is the most important thing you can do to reduce the pain.
  • Accept yourself.  Be gentle with yourself and reach out for help.  It will help you cope and support you. to heal.
Annual Memorial Service

Remember your loved ones in our special annual non-denominational service held each November at Assumption Parish, Saint John West.