The Board of Directors is the legal governing authority of Hospice Greater Saint John, Inc. and oversees the affairs of the organization. 
The Board acts in a position of trust for the community, and is responsible for the effective governance, stewardship, leadership and support
of the organization. The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible to the community and to regulatory and funding bodies, as appropriate, for the strategic direction and effective operation and management of Hospice.

The Board is comprised of the Executive Committee, which includes the Chair, 2 Vice-Chairs, Past Chair, Secretary (filled by the CEO), Treasurer and  seven Directors. There are also two senior staff members on the Board who serve in ex-officio positions — the CEO, who is the chief administrative officer of the company, and the Director of Medical Care, who is the chief medical officer for the company. They have full authority to manage the organization to achieve the agreed-upon outcomes while respecting the executive limitations placed upon them.

Shirley McAlary
Chair of the Board
Deputy Mayor
City of Saint John
J. Patrick Woods, CGA
Former City Manager
John Sheehan
1st Vice-Chair
Retired Principal
Ivan Ho
2nd Vice-Chair
Pharmacist & Co-Owner
Kennebecasis Drugs
Sandy Johnson
CEO & Board Secretary
Dr. Chris O'Brien
Director of Medical Care
Peter R. Forestell, QC
Partner, Cox & Palmer
Law Firm
Gary Lawson, QC
Partner, Lawson Creamer
Law Firm
Kevin Clifford
Fire Chief, City of Saint John
Doug McCaig
Retired, Parks &
City of Saint John
Tina Learmonth
Area Director, Bayshore
Home health
James D. Shaw
Retired Chartered
Bill Edwards
Retired Engineer
Jeff Trail
Saint John City Manager